Be true to you

betrueTry to respect all people,
You are not disrespectful to a stranger,
Why would you be disrespectful to people you know?
If someone doesn’t return the respect,
Don’t let go, don’t give up
on being someone you are proud of,
This doesn’t mean let someone treat you badly,
It means choosing to always be the person
who stays true to who you want to be
Don’t let someone lessen your character
just because theirs is lacking.
– Christy

Policies. Myths. Facts. Baltimore.

We talk about myths and facts in class a lot and how societal perceptions are very often based on myth. A lot of people think white privilege is a myth. It is not. I learned a great deal from one of my favorite professors, Dr. Norma Gaines-Hanks. Amazing woman. I had a three-hour class with her (HDFS 235: Survey in Child & Family Services)  and never once felt bored or anxious to leave. I went into the class incredibly naive. I’m sure there are many things which I am still naive about or ignorant to, but I feel thanks to her class I can actually see why there are people in Baltimore, who feel like rioting is the only thing they can do to be heard.

Shameful, criminal scandal again plaguing Penn State

23626989dcabe3c984572bb76f5201a0I know the readers of this blog come here to read light, entertaining pieces on movies and music. Typically that is what I write about because it is what I enjoy. However, this news upset me enough to want to speak up and I am going to do so. I took a class at the University of Delaware with Dr. Julie Wilgen called the Foundations of Human Sexuality. During this class we discussed many topics but one of them was regarding “rape culture.” It opened by eyes to so much and most importantly has taught me to stand up against this type of behavior.

Bring Me Up | by Christy Mannering

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