Periodic Table

Even when I was majoring in Neuroscience at UD I just couldn’t pass chemistry. (Which is why I’m now a web developer =o) I could ace biology and physiology and even now I can tell you so many things about the way the brain function it would keep you asleep for days.

But isn’t Zinc an element on the periodic table?

Who knows?

What I do know is that The Zincs are a rocking band that has a broad range in music from acoustic to electronic. And as most British/GoneUSA bands tend to be, they are wowing the crowds at a fast speed and will surely be talked about for many moons to come. The mixture of sounds they put together is something that immediately had me hooked.

See for yourself.

The Zincs – “Beautiful Lawyers” (off their album “Dimmer” from 2005)

And then go to InSound and buy whatever you can scoop up. Because there is no reason to continue missing out on the sounds of Nathaniel Braddock, Nick Macri, Jason Toth and James Elkington (with the croon of your favorite-British-Not-to-be-disclosed dreams!)

P.S. Their latest album is set to come out on March 20th.