March 29th you’ll be able to buy Laura Veir’s new album “Saltbreakers.” I have been listening to “Don’t Lose Yourself,” “Saltbreaker” and “Wandering Kind” and I have to say I recommend the album. But how can you not love a woman who has the acoustic talents of Laura and such a mellow voice PLUS she writes her own music!

You will go wherever you need to go and you will buy “Because of the Times” which is the latest album by Kings of Leon. Somehow I managed to grab three of the songs early… And I can personally vouch for them that Ragoo and True Love Way are awesome songs, though the single is “On Call” which came out on the radios earlier in February. The album will be available for purchase on April 3rd in the US.

And upcoming for May is “Au Revoir Simone” who has knocked my socks off with their song “Backyards Of Our Neighbors.” That song is available for download on their site. I’ve also gotten my hands on “Fallen Snow” which is such a sad song about lost love. And “The Lucky One” so light, so wispy, I wish I could play a casio like these girls can!

You can give them a listen on MySpace of course. And their album “The Bird of Music” will be availble for you to purchase in May in the US, but you can purchase it on their website from the UK.

2 thoughts on “March…April….May”

  1. that’s it. how do you come up with this new music? i’m hiring a private investigator to find out how you do it.

  2. That sounds like alot of work. Better to listen to Top 40 and try to convince yourself Fergie has talent.

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