Copyright woes

You know how much I love music. Obviously.

And I am not for illegally downloading music (though I admit I have done that in the past) so when it comes to copyright issues I can see both sides of that double-edged sword.

But to set things in motion to shut down streaming music on the internet through sites like Pandora…well that hurts. Because you can’t illegally download a song off of Pandora. In fact, with a lovely mashup, you can buy the songs from eMusic if you like them on Pandora. Let me make it clear that they are not forcing a shut down, but the are enforcing a pay-per-play-customer rate. So if 500 people are streaming from Pandora then Pandora would have to pay. Eck!

Garage Spin has the story here, “Internet Radio Gets Royalty Rate Smack Down”.

And to sign a petition against this craziness go here:

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