Love at first listen

She could put me to sleep. No, she isn’t boring. She is soothing. And quite frankly I need something which will relax me and allow me to fall asleep naturally. Her voice is absolutely beautiful!

Priscilla Ahn

She is currently on tour opening for Alexi Murdoch. (Another fave of mine).

And I have to say, to me, they both should be headliners.

If you want to take a listen, I suggest Rain.

Just as beautiful and mellow as Priscilla, I have found that Sarah Blasko also has the vocal chords of a song bird. Her song “Amazing Things” is nothing short of incredible.

A couple weeks ago I heard the song “Sideways” by Let’s Go Sailing. (Even though Rock Insider was talking about it back in November!) I loved it. Love it! I am telling you. There are just some songs/artists that have a way of creeping into your ear all stealth-like and winning over all the auditory parts of your brain.

Let’s Go Sailing’s album “Chaos in Order” will be released this month on March 27th.


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