Planet of Optics

For those of you who wish to partake in some covert night time bad-assness, you might want to check out Optics Planet. They have a huge assortment of night vision optics to choose from.

You got your night vision equipment: goggles, binoculars, scopes, cameras even thermal imaging stuff! They have the equipment you need – whether it be for neighborhood watch, security or hunting. I personally will be looking into something here since my car was broken in to last week. OpticsPlanet has everything from generation 1 to 4 night vision – but they have other tactical gear as well.

For you military buffs there is full line of military & tactical gear, holsters, flashlights, rifle scopes, rangefinders…everything you can think of to make you feel like Inspector Gadget or MacGuyver!

The prices are good – on the low side, and they have free shipping (you can’t beat free shipping). So if you’re into tactical gadgets or just like fantasizing, perhaps you’ll want to browse around.

This post has been sponsored by OpticsPlanet.