Bring the beach to you

Crafty people will enjoy this, but so will those of you out there who are perhaps a bit craft-challenged.

Today is the first day of summer so think beaches, vacations, Sandcastles and summer fun.

Need a little help with the imagination flow? Go to the Beaches Family Resorts website and they bring the sounds of the shore to your desktop. Seagulls and ocean waves all you need is the sand beneath your feet and you are set.

This is such a cool feature on their site, but before I tell you about it go grab your kids because they are going to love this. Visitors to the site get to build their own Sandcastles online. It’s easy peasy to do, just follow the instruction and click away. When you are done it gets saved in a gallery and you get to name it! Plus you can also send it to your friends via email or you can save it as the wallpaper on the computer. So cool!

This is what mine looks like, I named it “Casa Crumbles” hahahaha…I crack myself up.

See how cute it is and there are many different ways to design your e-card. You can even add extras to it once your done. There are beach balls, flags, even a hermit crab! And while you wait for the Sandcastle to save there is a little beach ball you can hit around the screen to entertain yourself. =o)