Mini collages ala Greeting cards

Lisa Congdon is synonymous with fabulous design.

She is self taught and works in several mediums, including paper collage, screen-printing, ink, textiles, and paint.

I am anti-collage, always have been, until now. I very much appreciate the collages Lisa Congdon puts together. Every texture, color and shape is pieced together into this exquisite artwork that would give people something to talk about for hours.

The photo shows mini collages, and look how each one is similar yet very different. Can you imagine starting with a blank slate and then putting random things together and creating something so artsy? It’s just awesome.

She also recently created pretty sweet inked greeting cards. The only problem being I wouldn’t want to mail them! I’d frame them!

You can see all of her artwork on Flickr. And you can buy her artwork at her store online or at the candy store, reform school and doe san francisco.