Promote your design

You can’t just carry a business card around attached to a pin or on a necklace. Promoting your business is one thing, but waving it in someones face is quite another.

And now that it’s illegal to put signs on along the road for an extended period of time, at least here in Delaware you can get fined, it’s hard to find affordable means of advertising or marketing yourself.

I have an online portfolio of my work, but I’m sure it doesn’t show up in the top of the Google search results. (And quite frankly I’m afraid to look).

So, it might be interesting to see how magnetic signs for your car would work. Lord knows there is quite enough traffic around here for enough people to see it. I’ve seen Real Estate Signs stuck magnetically to people’s cars with their broker information and their contact information.

Places like BuildASign allow you to choose a magnetic sign size, customize the look of it, and order it very quickly and easily. I wonder what the stats of this type of promotional material are and if they allow you to get really artsy with the customization. I’m going to have to give it a look. =o)

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