Fluidic energy into electricity

A remedy for those people who type everything in CAPS!

It is actually a standard Caps Lock key that features a couple of 14-gauge 10-millimeter spikes screwed inside two tiny holes drilled into the key. Lol. It exists!

And then here’s a gadget/sensor thing that can turn your water and gas into electricity. Researchers of the Fraunhofer Technology Development Group TEG have now successfully managed to convert this fluidic energy into electricity.

Fraunhofer researchers from Stuttgart have developed a new technology that enables the production of energy-autonomous and thus low-maintenance sensors. “Our system is eminently suitable for sensors in pneumatic plants, as we can convert the kinetic energy from air or water into electricity,” explains Jose Israel Ramirez, who is doing research on this topic at the TEG. “The fluidic energy transducer generates electricity in the microwatt or milliwatt range. This is sufficient to supply cyclically operating sensors with enough energy to read out and transmit the relevant data.”

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