Scentsy Candles and Jingle Shoes

Still looking for a fantastic and unique gift for your girl friends, Mom or Gramma? I stumbled across the Scentsy website as I was searching for candles, because all of my friends love candles and, well, so do I for that matter.

What I wanted to find was a candle that people could use at their desk at work. Most offices don’t allow you to burn candles, so this is tricky. Fortunately, the folks at Scentsy came up with the perfect design for a no-burn candle.

They have hundreds of delicious scents and their candle wax melts with the heat of a 25 watt lightbulb to deliver the fragrance. You can’t buy these just anywhere and you need to know a consultant, but thank goodness one of the Posh Mama ladies I write with is available for orders. Stop by Kahne’s page if you want to check out more Scentsy goodness.

If you’re like me you have an upteen amount of children to shop for around this time of year. All your nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren and such…and it’s impossible to know what they are getting from Santa or someone else. So the best thing to do is find something extra special that no one else will know about. I’ve got it!

At you can buy hand painted shoes in red or navy with Reindeer and jingle bells. They are so flipping adorable you’ll want to buy them for everyone! They come in infant, toddler and youth sizes and if you are giving them to a really tiny one you can ask that the jingle bells be removed. I think these shoes and others offered by Snanimals are just the cutest designs ever!

Happy Shopping!