Saliva Test for Autism in the Works

Certain compounds in saliva are different in some children with autism spectrum disorders, a new study shows.

Italian researchers analyzed saliva samples from 27 children with autism spectrum disorders and 23 healthy children of the same age.

The scientists, who included Professor Massimo Castagnola of Rome’s Universita Cattolica, focused on small proteins and peptides, which are building blocks of protein, in the saliva samples.

Two-thirds of the children in the autism spectrum disorders group had at least one salivary peptide that differed from children without autism.

It’s not clear if autism was the reason for those differences or why those differences weren’t seen in all of the autistic children.

Seems to me since there are more than just genetic factors involved with autism than depending or giving too much weight to tests like a saliva test. I think then the doctors will be missing out on environmental factors and other factors like supplemental issues or the inability to properly detoxify.

The study appears in full in the Journal of Proteome Research.