Oh baby, I love freebies and monsters

Baby is on the brain. A girl can’t help it when she’s 25 weeks pregnant! So this very interesting bassinet I saw at MoCo Loco intrigued me.

It looks like something you’d see in a Disney movie doesn’t it? I kind of want a larger version for myself.

The Argington line of children’s furniture by ODA, New York’s Office for Design & Architecture, includes the Hagia bassinet and the V & A art easel.

It needs some extra padding for me though, I’m not digging the laying a baby on a board idea.


Creature Comforts has a Valentine freebie for you crafty hearts out there. If you head over to their site they have an iron-on transfer perfect for lovely, romantic designs. It’s very Jerry Maguire of them.


And you know you want to see animated monsters in real-world environments on a Friday afternoon don’t ya?

Good. Then check out these short clips by Volstok Telefunken.