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What is ether + nick?

“My name is Nick Kempinski and I am in media. So, it’s only natural to think about media and how we are influenced by everything and anything in the ether. And this is where I put those thoughts.”

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Are floating floors the future of home design?

A floating floor is a floor that is installed without requiring nailing, stapling or gluing to another surface. This is one of its biggest advantages: clean installation, with very little room for mistakes.


Plants grow too slow to see most of the time – making these videos seem like secret access points to a hidden world that operates at a radically different speed.

12 Time-Lapse Plant Growth Videos


Be creative with your soda…?

Dr. Pepper lovers rejoice, here’s a way to “winterize” your favorite soda by turning it into a delicious hot beverage.

Instructions are from a vintage recipe advertisement published in the 60’s.

Easy to prepare–simply heat Dr Pepper in a saucepan until it steams and pour into a glass or cup over a slice of lemon. Perfect for the family or when friends drop in–and take along a thermos of Hot Dr Pepper when enjoying outdoor activities. Hot Dr Pepper–the distinctive Winter Warmer!


Create a Professional Portfolio Design in 17 Easy Steps

This tutorial teaches you how to create a professional looking portfolio design using very basic techniques. The majority of online portfolio’s appear amateur, yet it really isn’t very difficult to produce a simple design, very quickly that can portray a professional image online.


Great website from the artist, Rocket Club. The website is actually designed and powered by a band theme service called ebandlive.

I stumbled across it on Design Dosage. Design Dosage is a design inspiration gallery with 7 set categories, each on a set day of the week.

* Icon Monday
* Typography Tuesday
* Wallpaper Wednesday
* Illustration Thursday
* Logo Friday
* CSS Saturday
* Print Sunday


Eric Mathew and Andrew Ooi’s origami light fixtures are made of printed Japanese paper. The print is of wood grain and though the lamps are made of paper they are surprisingly robust, as wood would be. My guide at CUTMR, show curator Jeremy Vandermeij, had this to say about Andrew and Eric; “[they] share a common interest in the elegant versatility of paper as a design material. Their work utilizes paper as a valuable commodity, in contrast to its popular public conception as a ubiquitous disposable resource. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese uses of paper in the production of items of everyday use, their work has evolved to include lighting, furniture, and ornament.”