Beer for women, PS brushes, design checklists

Beer for Women Ad Design Contest

There are an array of ads out there that are aimed at men as beer drinkers, and a disparaging lack of ads for women. At the Beer Babe, I challenge you to find creative ways to approach the growing ranks of female beer drinkers in the world through media!

Deadline is March 31, 2009


850+ Super Cool Tech Brushes for Photoshop

Using circuits,linings,wiring or even blueprints could help achieve a better futuristic results but will take time doing all the details needed.


Here’s a link to a Common Sense SEO Checklist >>


Signage and color contrast

Contrast between the foreground and background is one of the most important factors for the ease of reading. If coloured text is used on a bright background the contrast will be weak, for optimal contrast results is white text against dark colored backgrounds. In signage & wayfinding design color is the combining factor to harmonize the sign with the environment. Color programs will distinguish signs from each other and can offer an indication of the message without having to be able to understand the language of the sign.


PSD Fan has a tutorial on designing a “Retro Futurism Space Scene,” using a variety of lighting effects and photo manipulation.

It looks a bit rushed to me in terms of the final image, but the concept and potential is definitely there. It could create a cool backdrop.


Here’s a list of 99 Graphic Design Resources everyone should know about, you probably do know a lot of them, but it’s always great to have one single page you can bookmark and return to later down the road.

And here is a link to 20 Typefaces To Start A Designer’s Career.


Spunk United Magazine, you might not be able to read it all, but you’ll most likely be inspired but what you see from start to end. Definitely make sure to take time and look through the archives.


For the most amazingly, beautiful landscape photography you will ever see, please go to DesignMags Landscape Photography Showcase. The images are just breath-taking. I’d pretty much like to step into all of them for just a minute.

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