Facebook, Song.ly and Middlespot News

It’s true, I have a Facebook profile much like everyone else online these days. I like it. I like the different things you can send to people and it’s nice to be able to see what everyone is up to. I don’t like the cheesy apps where people send me tupperware, but what can you do. I also hope they don’t allow people to start modifying the look of their pages like on MySpace. I hated that! I know people like to be unique, but Facebook is a profile about you, how much more unique do you need to be?

Anyway. PC World has an article up today titled, “10 Facebook tips worth reading“.

One of the tips is about the gmail add-on. It shows everyone you email who also has a Facebook account. I admit I do know about that and I do have it plugged into my e-mail account. It has helped me to see which publicists and artists also have Facebook profiles and in some cases I do add them as a friend. That way they can see if I have written about them and I can keep up with their news.


A company profile that was just submitted: Middlespot, another startup taking a crack at making the web search experience more visual, joining the likes of SearchMe and Viewzi.

Like its counterparts, Middlespot aims to enhance searching for websites, images, news, Amazon and even Twitter by returning screenshots of results rather than just text links.

Their mission… “We believe searching is an iterative activity of evaluation and interpretation that doesn’t end with the presentation of a linear list of text only results. It’s why we’re building the tools to make the activity of search more effective.”



Share & Discover Music on Twitter!

Type in a song title or mp3 link to tweet. Your followers will get a short link to a page allowing them to play the song right in the browser without having to download it first!

They have a button widget you can add to you blog posts which will allow people to tweet an mp3 if you have one embedded. But as far as I can tell it takes some manual work for the blogger in each post because you have to add the mp3 url to the button. Optional fields include the artist and title which of course would be quite helpful to a listener so I know I’d add them even though they are only optional. So I don’t know, maybe I’ll try added the tweet song.ly button to some posts in the future, but I doubt I’ll add them every time.


In the same week that Samsung Mobile launched its own online movie and television entertainment service to challenge the likes of iTunes, Netflix and Xbox Live, Apple Inc. has moved to up the ante by announcing the wider availability of high-definition (HD) films through its popular iTunes Store.

Offered up for either full purchase or rental, Apple’s new selection of 720p content will continue to grow alongside future studio releases and already includes relatively new movies such as comic book adaptations Punisher: War Zone and The Spirit along with action titles Transporter 3 and Bangkok Dangerous.

Prices for high-definition movies available through iTunes – on both PCs and Mac systems – are positioned at $19.99 USD for a full purchase, while high-definition rentals cost markedly less at $4.99 USD and older HD titles are priced at $3.99 USD.

But as I have been complaining about in the past. There is not easy way to put the movies you buy on iTunes onto a DVD to watch at home. You can only ever watch them on a computer. Yes, you could hook your computer up to your TV but that is annoying. I’d rather buy the DVD and be able to watch it wherever I want.