Facebook’s virtual money, Camera record 1080p video

The rumors were true. Canon has crammed the $1500 50D’s sensor and 5D-Mark-II-like 1080p video capture into an $899 entry-level Rebel. We ran it through its paces for a few hours, and it’s awesome.

So what we have here is almost the exact sensor from the 50D-a 15.1 megapixel CMOS with sensitivities up to ISO 12,800 at its top-end H2 boost setting. And almost the exact same HD capture from the 5D Mark II-the only change is that 1080p video is captured at 20fps, down from the 5D Mark II’s 30fps.


On Tuesday night, a Los Angeles Times blog post pointed to an soundbite that Facebook “gaming guru” Gareth Davis produced at the GamesBeat conference in San Francisco: that the company is “looking at” offering a virtual currency to developers. The virtual goods industry, the article notes, is a $1.5 billion behemoth.

This would mean that games and other apps with a presence on Facebook could use a universal “Facebook currency” that would not only be interoperable between apps, it could also line Facebook’s pockets with some extra cash. But Davis’ language (“looking at”) is about as ambiguous as it gets, so my advice to potentially-excited developers would be “don’t hold your breath.”

Late last year, Facebook switched the payment system for Facebook Gifts from U.S. dollars to “credits,” making it easier for the site to charge more or less than its previous standard $1 for the virtual items.


If you’re planning on any outdoor parties, like camping out or just hanging around a bonfire, it’s always nice to bring some music with you. This BoomCooler is easy to wheel around no matter where you go, although you might want to keep a tarp or something around to protect it just in case it rains. It has a built-in CD player or you can hook up your iPod to the cooler. They actually recommend for better sound using something plugged into the aux input or USB input as opposed to using the CD player.


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s GDC keynote today has revealed that the Wii will not be on the receiving end of a new hard drive, but will instead support the SDHC memory card format. Owners of the Wii will be able to do so using the Wii Menu 4.0 by downloading content straight onto the SDHC card from the Wii Shop Channel, where up to 240 SD channels are supported. With the SDHC standard to hit 32GB in the near future anyways, it makes perfect sense to use this relatively diminutive card instead of a portable hard drive.

And a new Zelda in the works?

Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata took the keynote stage at GDC this morning to encourage the developer community, talk about the DSi handheld and unveil some new titles for the Wii and DS platforms including a new Zelda game called Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (working title).

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