Kyle’s Treehouse and Autism151

Kyle’s Treehouse was created to provide hope and unconditional support, along with some great information on treatment options, to those coping with autism. To expand on this mission, they just launched a new initiative: Autism151 – a crusade to collect 150 stories of hope, pride and achievements from within our autism community. We know there are wonderful stories of hope everywhere – all around the world – and we want to bring them together so they can be shared.

Check out the stories of hope already posted to the site. Hear about Alex, whose parents proudly declare, “Alex has autism, but autism doesn’t have Alex.” Watch Mickie’s video which captures a great moment when he is connecting (and adorably imitating!) his grandfather.

Share your story of hope. Upload yours today. And then invite everyone you know to log on and view it.

Posted just yesterday…

Can Kids Recover from Autism?

Yes, they can! How do I know? My son, Kyle, is living proof of it. After years of intense therapy, Kyle emerged from autism.


Kyle’s Treehouse is dedicated to empowering all people touched by autism to make effective choices.

Keeping the Treehouse up and running is a labor of love, and we depend heavily on the kindness and generosity of individual donors.