Peggle WoW Add-on

As of this morning, you can download the brand new Peggle for WoW addon from PopCap’s site.

WoW Insider got a chance to play with the add-on from its early beta on, and it’s extremely impressive — not only will you find the usual addictive peg-hitting gameplay that we’ve come to know from Peggle, but PopCap and creator Michael Fromwiller (whom we interviewed about Bejeweled, and who we’re told is actually being hired on full-time at PopCap as soon as he finishes school this spring) have really added a new level to the game by tying it right into World of Warcraft. The game rewards you with “Talent points” that can change the game play itself, and you can challenge other players within World of Warcraft to duels and score battles. There’s even a “Peggle loot” setting, which, when used as Master Looter, will let your guildies and friends with the add-on actually take Peggle shots against each other to determine who gets loot drops.

If you’ve never played the game Peggle you should try it out. It’s much more mindless than WoW, but sometimes your mind needs a break while still being entertained. My five-year-old loves Peggle and so do I. You’ll love it.

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  1. I saw this come across on my WOW Insider feed and was wondering how long it would take you to find it =oP

    Have you downloaded it yet?

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