Virgin. Turn On. Fuel. Unplug.

Virgin. Turn On. Fuel. Unplug. These are some of the bold environmental statements headlining the T-shirts from A Lot To Say, a new lifestyle brand that celebrates and encourages a strong, collective voice not only to be heard in the written word, but across your chest. “Virgin” here might sound like a statement for sexual purity but instead it’s followed up with the fact: Virgin plastic is what most shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from and they add to over 35% of waste in landfills. Not sexy.

With bi-coastal sisters, Alison Stanich Power in New York and Jennifer Stanich-Banmiller in San Francisco as co-CEOs of A Lot To Say, inspiration is never at a loss. “We wanted to do something that would not only inspire us, but would engage others to get involved and stay involved,” commented Jennifer from her headquarters in Danville, CA. “We also felt strongly about trying something new, as I’m in communications and marketing and Alison has been the Executive Creative Director for major global advertising agencies for years. We decided to share what we know, hopefully inspiring people to make a difference.” The result is A Lot To Say, makers of organic messaging T-shirts, the new media on seriously light-hearted global and environmental communication as well as messaging that speaks to inspiration, politics and civil liberties.

In addition to the statement making attention grabbing headlines by A Lot To Say, the company has sought out manufacturing techniques that are true to their message. The t-shirts fabrics, while soft to the touch, are created from recycled bottles and made in the USA. Power and Banmiller sought out a non-water and non-toxic printing process that is hypoallergenic while being good to the universe. Coloring and printing garments can usually consume up to 250 times its own weight in water. The pollution it causes is re-distributed to the environment and is hazardous and unnecessary. A Lot To Say is utilizing AirDye(R) that uses no water at the point of coloration, requires up to 70% less energy and produces no hazardous by-products. These shirts are the ultimate in sustainability.

A Lot To Say shirts for men and women start from $36 and come in styles such as crew tees, tanks and hoodies. A Lot To Say shirts will be available at select retailers soon, but are available online now at

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