Loudvine just another network site?

LoudVine Logo
A couple of us got together and thought, if we want to know about every show on any given night in our city, there has to be a better way! There has to be ONE website that serves all of our needs.

Loudvine.com was started for a very simple reason. OK, three reasons:

Discovering new music and artists
Discovering hard to find gigs around town
Discovering new friends, through great music

And so that is what you will find in the opening statement of the Loudvine “about us” section. But what will you find when you actually try to use their site? Right now their GIG filter is a bit limited. For me the closest location I can choose is New York, hopefully they will be adding Philadelphia in the near future because I think it is a prominent entertainment hot spot. One nice feature is being able to suggest a gig for them to add to their database. You don’t have to worry only your fans or friends will see it, because it is added to a global queue.

I like that you can sign up for their newsletter and also access it on their site. It tells you their recent additions which is helpful because on their blog they feature unsigned artists. So you don’t have to fret that you might have missed someone great because there is always an archive. Whereas on MySpace they have the unsigned artist feature, but it changes enough that you can definitely miss a lot. But then they also have a section called “Random Thought” and I’m not interested in hearing about purgatory or the state of chaos someone may or may not be experiencing. Nix that section or change the purpose of it guys because it’s too preachy.

Then there is their blog section. It’s nice, it has little blurbs about bands they have heard about and like. It’s not obvious that you can click on the blog title to read more and (at least in my browser) there is no “read more” link after the beginning excerpt snippet.

With that said, right now it’s another place for bands to go to try and get noticed. Will it be a dud in the long run? I don’t know. But it’s worth a quick surf if you’re an upcoming band, promoter or just a regular old music lover.