Glitz and Goth Valentine

New from the amazing Jasmine of Strangeling. “Valentine Dragon” is the title….. it features a beautiful purple dragonling with a plump red valentine heart, with a silver & pink haired sweetie! Who could turn down this as a Valentine’s Day gift? Jasmine paints with acrylic and she loves what she does. “Most of my time is spent painting. People ask me a lot “how do you have so many paintings?” – the simple answer is that I paint all the time, seriously! When I’m not painting, I’m often at art conventions & shows.”

Here is a Blood Red Magma Crystal Heart Necklace which I saw on ArtFire. The description says, “I made this elegant necklace using a big 18mm faceted Swarovski crystal heart in an amazing fiery red with an aurora borealis finish called Red Magma. I have securely wrapped the bead with sterling silver wire and suspended it from delicate 1mm sterling silver cable chain.” The jewelry designer is GlitzGlitter from Amarillo, Texas. Quick Blurb from the lady: “Using different textures and colors to create unique & fun jewelry is my form of meditation. Mom does the computer stuff.”

Perhaps paintings and jewelry don’t tickle your fancy and you are more of a flower lover or even brussel sprouts? Emily Wooten owns Die Blume (Translated from German means Flower). Her self-described craft is, “Flowers, flowers and more flowers! All shapes, sizes and colors. Even things you wouldn’t consider to be flowers, I use as flowers. I have been known to use asparagus and brussel sprouts in arrangements.” And so there you have it.

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  1. This post just reminded me that Valentine is around the cornor! Thanks for this post, I enjoyed reading it

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