Buried Alive… Tick tick tick tock

Your cell phone is dying… Your flashlight is fading… Your oxygen is running out… But you are not ready to die.

In honor of the upcoming thriller BURIED starring Ryan Reynolds, Lionsgate will conduct a mass burial at San Diego Comic Con 2010!

Starting this Wednesday, Comic Con attendees will get the chance to become part of a terrifying virtual interactive experience at the San Diego Convention Center.

Record video of your burial. Share the terror with your friends. Become part of a virtual online cemetery. Experience BURIED — only at Lionsgate Booth #3729.

What will you do when you’re buried alive?

The poster image attached here is super cool. It is inspired by one of the more famous Saul Bass posters for Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo.” The setup for “Buried” is equally Hitchcock-inspired: tight, unusual setting, key plot info revealed on a need-to-know basis, mounting suspense tied to a ticking clock (in this case, Reynolds’ character’s air supply).

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