Vancouver’s New Speed Bumps: Little Children

Preventable, BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation, and the District of West Vancouver have launched a 3D illusion geared to make drivers slow down at high-risk intersections.

The illusion is part of a $15,000 safety program that will run this week, led by the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation and the public awareness group As drivers approach, the police will monitor the fake girl’s effects. Despite fears that drivers may stop suddenly or swerve into actual 3D children, David Duane of the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation told CTV news that the bump was meant to bring attention to driver-caused pedestrian injuries, and that the fake girl should not cause accidents.

The image will appear in front of the city’s Pauline Johnson Elementary School, and it could serve as an effective safety reminder to motorists.

The aim of such attention-grabbing tactics is to change the attitudes of drivers around schools.

Yeah, I guess it could work, but if the driver freaks out when they see a 3D child in the street, what if they swerve and hit a real child, which is a possibility being that they are putting this ridiculous idea in front of an elementary school.

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2 thoughts on “Vancouver’s New Speed Bumps: Little Children

  1. Interesting idea, but I have to think it doesn’t have much promise as a long term solution. Eventually people would begin to recognize the fake 3D kids and just ignore them and blow right by, same as they do with the “school zone” signs that are undoubtedly already there. .

  2. Might be a good idea until people get used to seeing small children in the street and decide that they do not have to stop. I think people should think through an idea before they go through with it.

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