Which Facebook pages do you like? #monday

Is anyone else amused that Facebook is just now launching an application to help people find more pages they might “like”?

Aren’t there already a million places you can go to “like” things?

I suppose this will be good for people, like myself, who do have pages for their sites and would like people to more easily find them. So I shouldn’t knock it.

It’s a visual interface intended to help you find more pages to “Like” based on your past selections, what’s popular and what your friends like.

The app divides pages into nine categories: Musicians, Sports (sports), Celebrities, Movies, TV Shows, Media, Politicians, Brands and Games. You can view images representing different pages in each category, or you can view pages from all categories, which include other things like local businesses or photographer friends’ pages, for example.

On the right, Facebook has included a list of the friends who have the most pages in common with you. Clicking on any of the names will pop up a list of your mutual likes, and you can click on the “All Likes” tab to see the other things they like.

So if you start to see a bunch of new “likes” on your friends profiles now you know why.