Facebook tries to explain recent outages

I will not tell a lie. I am addicted to using Facebook. Perhaps I should learn to limit myself, but I figure it is a harmless enjoyment so why punish myself. I check the news feed for my page all the time to see what people are up to and what news or music is happening. I also love the games. Nearly all of them! Even Farmville. I know some people hate Farmville, but I wonder if they realize the time management and strategic elements that can be incorporated. Knowing when to seed based on when the crop will be ready for harvest and looking at what gives you the most value when you do harvest. Then there is the whole farm market where you can sell crops and make goods. To me it is all quite fascinating. Plus, my seven-year-old son loves playing so we work together on things.

Needless to say, I was not happy over the past two days with Facebook being completely down. I don’t know if I noticed right away, but I certainly DID notice. So I’m curious to find out why, especially with the issues with Twitter.

Could it be related to the Facebook Engineer Explains “Worst Outage in Over Four Years”.

4 thoughts on “Facebook tries to explain recent outages

  1. I used to get so addicted with all the games out there but I minimize it recently with all the activities of my kids and blogging I dont think I can and I do missed all of those sigh. ANyway thanks for the comment you left in my site

  2. Truly it isn’t easy to keep up with time management games when I struggle to manage time in real life. I understand exactly where you are coming from.

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