Way to go NBC for teaming up with Netflix

Maybe it’s only me but sometimes I feel like Netflix doesn’t update their “instant watch” with good quality shows too often. I mean I understand they want to send out DVDs, but this is a subscription service, monthly, and we want more! (It’s okay really, I love Netflix).

Starting next week, cable shows from the media giant’s stable like Psych, Battlestar Galactica and others, episodes from the most recent seasons of NBC shows including The Office and 30 Rock will be available via Netflix. Not good enough? Why not throw in every season of Friday Night Lights and Saturday Night Live, with new episodes of SNL added the day after they air for the next three years.

People may ask why NBC is doing this and I think it is simple, they are following the trend the people want. Way to go, NBC! And have no fear entertainment peeps. I feel if people have more access to shows on demand which they ordinarily would not be able to watch at the time it is aired, they may end up liking the series enuogh to put money out for series products and DVD sets. w00t!

Netflix, NBC Universal content deal brings Battlestar Galactica, SNL and more to Watch Instantly — Engadget.