Web host reviews; pros and cons

Yes, I am one of those people who seems to find out right away when my site goes down right away. I’m sure you have read my web host reviews before, probably every year right around the time I need to renew or think about hooking up with a new host.

By the time my domain people get my e-mail and investigate it is usually back up again. They have this great blog where they update their site maintenance records or let their customers know when they plan on rolling out updates.

Anyway, I take my server, domain, webhosting and site time up or down pretty seriously. A penny is a penny, right and my sponsors penny means a lot to me. :) Haha, but who better to discuss this with than fellow site owners and bloggers, right?

New to me this time around is iPage. First glance I thought it was software of some sort, but it isn’t. It’s the perfect hosting environment for people who need small server space on a tight budget, we’re talking $3.50 per month which is cake! They throw in the advertising credits with Google and Yahoo, too which is also helpful when you’re starting out as a new site owner and you need to get your domain name out there or a few good keyword hits. But when you need to learn about web hosting, you go to web hosting fan sites and and read their reviews, look at thew pros and the cons, find out the new hosting plans or the specials on prices it’s a one stop shop.

Most of the web hosting providers claims themselves as the best providers by offering a range of services. But keep in mind that not all providers are trustworthy. This is why you take the time to do your research and compare the services with that of other and then pick the best suitable provider for your needs.