Officer, my bike is stuck at the top of that light pole

A bike lock which carries your bike up a pole and to safety. Interesting, I’ll give the creator props for having a fantastic imagination and for having the gumption to want to keep bicycles safe from thieves.

However, I doubt anything like this could happen unless there were a designated bike pole parking area. Carrying bikes up any given pole could end up blocking surveillance cameras that help protect little mom and pop shops down main streets where many bikes get parked. that of course would be a hazard and would most likely cause a lot of trouble in the case of movies like Enemy of the State although that movie already exists and there are not any bike lock climbers to inhibit GPS government tracking. Hehe.

And then the far more realistic and logical problem would be if someone else had the same lock and foolishly climbed their bike up to rest beneath yours. You’d be screwed until they came back and removed their bike.

Inventors, whatever will they come up with next?

2 thoughts on “Officer, my bike is stuck at the top of that light pole

  1. Haha. It’s no wonder a German guy came up with this – hundreds of bikes get stolen here on a monthly basis. I have never understood why anyone would just nick a bike with no scruples.

  2. Really? How can so many bikes get stolen? I know they get stolen where I work because I work on a college campus in the US but it just always amazes me to know people have no regard for other peoples property.

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