Sleepy Rebels and a Sleepy Christmas

Sleepy Rebels want to celebrate the holidays by sharing their twinkly new record, Bah! Humbug!, with you! The band takes you on a musical journey, full of playful stories, violins, piano, and handclaps. The New York City based band even dedicate a song to their warm-weather friends on the song, “California Christmas.” You can also check out their comedic A Very Sleepy Christmas video featuring the song “Sweet Things”, which depicts the misadventures of Santa HERE! Be sure to check out Bah! Humbug! out this week on Powerful Company.

Songwriters, producers and multi-instrumentalists Jeremy Adelman and Bruce Driscoll began making music together when Bruce and his sister, Brazilian-American singer/songwriter Erica Driscoll, were looking for a drummer for their band Astaire (now Blondfire). After recommending many great drummers, Adelman, who had been a performing member (keyboards & trumpet) of Brookville, touring with Goldfrapp and Tahiti 80, realized he had always wanted to play drums in a band, and volunteered to fill the seat himself.

At the same time Adelman began asking Bruce and Erica to sing on a variety of compositions he was creating for his day job as a music composer for TV, film & advertising. By 2007 the three artists had become constant collaborators and friends, and decided to create Sleepy Rebels to capture their collaborative energies.


Sleepy Rebels – “California Christmas” (mp3)


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