Well hello there Peppermint Elf

Bashful people beware, this one is about cheap lingerie. No, I’m not kidding. We can’t have a bunch of posts about gifts and deals without tackling the sexy items now can we? I think I own one piece of lingerie, from my wedding shower, which I probably wore once.

I sleep in flannel pajammie pants or sweat pants, usually a robe and one blanket with a fan blowing on me. Hahaha. I’m a conundrum. But I realize lingerie isn’t for sleeping. And so if there is any time of the year other than Valentine’s Day for a woman to look for cheap lingerie for herself to add a little sugar & spice to her love life it would be for the holidays of winter all the way through the New Year.

Stop blushing! If you’re married and you are finding that most nights are the same old boring, tired routine and they don’t involve any one-on-one time for you and yours, then it might not be such a bad idea to check out Glamorose.

If you can get past the scared, modest, shy part of yourself then you might just find the Peppermint Elf costume is just want you needed. ;)