Music Genius Creator, PA Classical Rock Star…Rausch

Ready for some genuine musical prowess?

RAUSCH caught his first compositional accolades when Jordan Rudess, keyboard wizard of Dream Theater, contacted him to perform in a special master-class known as KEYFEST; the invitation stemmed from a college demo that found its way into Jordan’s hands. RAUSCH unveiled his 11-minute epic FLOW, a work that beautifully unites all of the seemingly contradictory elements of his campaign. Fearing the final drips of musicality about to forever evaporate from mainstream music, he is perpetually driven to help redefine the criteria for “commercial appeal.” RAUSCH has now injected his entire being into a uniquely crafted collection of songs that flow passionately from the soul.

Admittedly, when I first heard Rausch I wasn’t impressed. But his music grew on me and when I found out he is from Doylestown, PA I knew I had to look into him further because that’s close to my hometown in Delaware. (I always try to support the local bands). Then I found out for the encore of an ambitious recital on the eve of his 21st birthday, his 13-piece band joined him in tribute to Guns N Roses. “November Rain” took a classical music school to tears. How can you not want to learn more about a person who tackles something as fantastic as that?

I had the chance to send some questions his way and find out more about who Rausch is and where his music really comes from.

The Interview

Q. How much has heartbreak contributed to your songwriting?
A. 110%

Q. What are your main musical influences?
A. Bon Jovi, Queen, Dream Theater, Guns N Roses, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Liszt

Q. What gets you up in the morning?
A. Hope

Q. What keeps you awake at night?
A. Everything. Living life trapped inside one’s head affects everything big and small, from falling asleep to stepping outside the door.

Q. Do you support any charities?
A. In the future, I would like to. Something related to mental struggle, be it a serious mental illness or attacking anxiety & depression (also serious, in my book).

Q. What happened when your were 8? Did your parents support your music afterward? How did that impact your music?
A. My parents supported me doing music, just not me doing MY music. Their concept of what “real” or “good” music is and was has always been dishearteningly detached from [various offerings of] reality, due more to naivete, close-minded-ness, stubbornness, and general misguidance than to true founded opinion. I listen to the “wrong” music given the generation I am in, however I am aware of the alternative(s). The birth-pangs of growing up in my family are responsible for about 33% of the subject matter contained within the music of RAUSCH. Enjoy! [laughs]

So, check out music from Rausch, go to iTunes, head to his MySpace of Facebook page. Listen to a few tracks and I think you’ll find music you can really get into. You’ll find songs that translate beautifully into symphonic music, they sound like perfect movie scores from movies I wish could exist, I can almost picture made up scenes happening.


Rausch – “Minimalism” (mp3)