Shush now, this is serious

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This is serious! I am not happy about the bitter cold wind which tried to knock me over as I walked to my car this morning. And then tried to rip my arm off when I opened the car door. Yesterday was warm, the sunshine was teasing me with it’s loveliness and then today the weather remembers we’re in the middle of February!? Mother Nature! What are you thinking you fickle woman?!?

This morning felt like how a Monday morning should feel like though. Not wanting to get out of bed, but knowing I need to get the boys up and ready for their day in addition to myself. Breakfast, medicines, COFFEE (only for me, not the boys). Braeden’s school is having another book fair so I needed to make sure his money and book selections were ready. Plus write a note for his teacher since he will need early dismissal for yet another dentist appointment.

Finnegan didn’t know what he wanted to munch on this morning. He was hungry, boy was he hungry, but heck if he knew what he was hungry for. And so GRRRR to all! Good thing he is so cute.

In the end I was able to get everything ready. Brae’s lunch was made, my lunch was made. Everyone’s belly was happy with their breakfast-a-plenty. I left for work looking a bit frazzled, but the wind seriously cooled me off.

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