Oh scrink, you’ve been hacked

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So last week I found out my site (this one) which is a WordPress site that I host using MidPhase was hacked. I noticed my numbers dropping, so I started looking into it and I googled scrink.com and I noticed they pulled almost all of my pages. The reason… I was hacked and the hack changed the titles of my pages to reflect some sort of horrible pharmaceutical crap. I’ve been researching and trying to fix this problem ever since. I’ve gone poking through the backend database, I’ve reinstalled WordPress and I’ve even gone in through FTP to see if I could find any crazy looking files. It’s exhausting. And I am angry.

This, I know, is going to impact any sort of income I made from this site, any sort of ranking I had, which took me FOREVER (six years) to earn. And I don’t understand why anyone would do this to someone. Don’t they understand there are people behind these sites? I put blood and sweat into scrink, I live and breathe scrink when I’m not working or taking care of my family. This site is my escape, it is my outlet, it is important to me and someone has invaded it and trashed it.

So if you read this site and you have any idea how to help me, please, pretty please let me know. And google, should you come across this post and have any pity on me at all, please accept me back into your rankings.

Thank you and may you not be hacked.

As for the bastard who hacked me … I do not need to know who you are to cause turmoil in your universe.

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