URGENT: Join forces to stop this video game

Let me preface this post by stating I do not believe video games promote violence. I do believe children who spend all day and night playing violent video games will have issues and violent tendencies, but that is because they need to have parents who are more involved and they need to have other hobbies. There is nothing wrong with a child wanting to play video games, I like to play games myself, but game time should be limited. Kids need time to run around and be outside. They need time to read and draw and, to laugh and be silly people in real society. I hope those statements make sense.

With that being said there is a video game which has been created that I am 110% against coming to light. I would picket any store who sold it and I will write letters to every representative of every state should it need to be done. The game is titled, “School Shooter: North American Tour 2012.” The game is independently published by a creator which goes by the name of Pawnstick.

I’m not going to talk about it too much, because I don’t want it to get publicity it doesn’t deserve. But what you get from the title is exactly what it is all about. The game is a first person shooter game in which a person goes into a school and shoots people. There is an option for the shooter to commit suicide in the end. The idea that this game was created is disturbing enough, but the idea that it even made it to a marketer and was released to people to play for testing turns my stomach.

Yes, I know the creators will preach free speech and the right to be creative. And normally I’m right there with you, but in this instance it’s disgraceful. This is a smack in the face to all the families who have lost someone in such a horrific tragedy.

If you are concerned about this, consider writing to your state representative:

Senator Patricia M. Blevins
Legislative Hall Office
P.O. Box 1401
Dover, DE 19903

Senator Harris B. McDowell III
Legislative Hall Office
P.O. Box 1401
Dover, DE 19903

Stewart J. Greenleaf
Senate Box 203012
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3012

Andrew E. Dinniman
Senate Box 203019
183 Main Capitol
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3019

2 thoughts on “URGENT: Join forces to stop this video game

  1. I have to politely disagree with the first statement. I work in a middle school and there is a much higher incidence of kids who are making threats to themself or others or violent threats about blowing things up. The vast majority of these kids making statements about these things are playing extremely violent video games at home on a daily basis. If we de sensitize them more if makes it that more inviting to follow through in reality. The overall idea thst this game is marketed thinking it can help is more than disturbing.

  2. It’s probably true if a child plays only violent shooter games all the time it will mold them into an angrier child, I just think video games in general get a bad rap and it’s because of situations like this one. This video game is just insane. I almost didn’t want to write about it because I didn’t want to give it attention. But silence is acceptance and I could not be silent about this.

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