What are you doing for Earth Day?

Earth Day is a day that is to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment. Today marks the 42nd annual Earth Day, a celebration that began in 1970 as a protest movement against pollution. We have late U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson to thank for the official Earth Day celebration. But many credit John McConnell, an activist who proposed the day at a National UNESCO Conference in 1969, with founding Earth Day. While McConnell’s earlier Earth Day Proclamation received support from top United Nations officials, Nelson is the one who lobbied Congress to officially recognize the day. Both men commonly are referred to as Earth Day’s founder. So what will you be doing to celebrate?

Aside for having periods of sneezing attacks, I am enjoying seeing the students here assemble their Art in the Garden projects. I work at the University of Delaware, specifically for the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources and my office is in Townsend Hall. There are some amazingly creative art students who build structures, statues, art projects and such in the gardens around this building every year during the last week of April. I’ll be scouting around and taking photos next week to post on Flickr. (2010 Set Link)

Here are some easy ways to help the Earth today:

Save water
Turn off the tap when you are not using it. Billions of gallons of water go waste every year due to misuse and almost everyone of us are guilty of this offense. Do not leave the tap running while you brush you teeth, shave or take a bath. Teach this one to your kids, too!

Did you know that a little strip of plastic takes a million years to disintegrate? And that every plastic bag you throw away becomes a toxic waste and can kill cattle and fish? So stop using plastic bags and switch to a cloth bag or a paper bag instead from this Earth Day.

Save Fuel
The more fuel you use, the more are you using up the earth’s resources and releasing harmful gases like CO2 that pollute the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. So cover all short distances by cycle or better still, walk. It will save you some money, keep the earth clean and also benefit your health.

Here is a coloring page you can download and print out for your kids:

[Click on the image for full size]