Mr. Messy you will not be forgotten

Lol. I love the Google doodles and today is one in honor of Mr. Messy. Okay, well not just Mr. Messy but Google is celebrating Mr Men. The logo on the Google home page features assorted Mr Men and Little Misses to celebrate the birthday of Roger Hargreaves, the man behind the popular children’s stories. Hargreaves’ son Adam, who inspired the first character when he asked his dad what a tickle looked like. Sounds like something one of my boys would ask and I would probably try to draw something, too. I highly doubt it would have turned into a fantastic line of stories though.

In 2011, as the characters celebrate their 40th anniversary, the affection felt for the assortment of diverse characters by the generations raised with these books is stronger than ever before.

We have some Mr. Men things at home. Finnegan has a Mr. Tickle pillow and a story book about Christmas in his room right now actually. We read the Christmas one all through the year, he loves it.

Did you have a favorite Mr. Men or Little Miss growing up? I’m pretty sure I loved them all, but I had Little Miss Sunshine toys and Little Miss Giggles. I think my cousin had Little Miss Chatterbox. Of course now you can buy her and she actually chatters but when we were growing up she didn’t, which didn’t matter because we could do all the chattering for her.


[Download the Character Chart Poster]

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  1. My step-daughter introduced us to these books when my own daughter was a toddler. I loved them! Mr. Messy is one of my favorites.

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