Make lust last, yeah I “like” it

Sometimes you’re surfing the web and you read a cool article, comment, share, whatever. Other times there are options to “tweet” the article or even “like” the article, right? I mean we live in a social sharing age, when everything you do ends up cross-networked somehow.

So when I as on the Care2 Healthy & Green Living site, because I get their e-news and I saw a headline which read “Make Lust Last,” I clicked on it and read it. I was interested, it’s like any other women’s magazine, right? I was merely flipping a page.

But then I clicked, “Like.”

It was a good article. And quite frankly, I think a lot of marriages lose the lust, the flame, in fact, they barely flicker unless it’s the heat of an argument.

Many times when I click that I “like” something it never even shows up on Facebook for one reason or another. Or it disappears into my news feed and vanishes within minutes because there are a millions other things happening. Or instead of clicking that I liked what I read I end up tweeting it and my Twitter network is smaller, it’s limited to characters, it’s a less judgmental crowd than the “Friends of Facebook.”

This time, when I saw my Facebook profile after liking the story “Make Lust Last” I knew 1065 people had just witnesses something that might find hilarious, shocking, inappropriate, better left unsaid, whatever… And what does Christy does during times like this? She laughs.

So here I am, laughing, writing, laughing.

I’m 30 years old, I’ve been married, coming up on four years, I have two kids and we both have demanding full time jobs. Why in the world would you be shocked that I would read this article and like it?

Silly people.

If you think I shouldn’t have publicly liked it.. well.. my Mom is not on Facebook, she would indeed be blushing profusely. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make lust last. It’s not saying you want the love to go away. Why can’t love and lust go hand in hand and stay that way? Hmm?

It’s not like I’m posting pictures. Haha although I am highly amused that my “like” automatically posted a suggestive thumbnail and paragraph blurb which mentioned the word sex three times!
Yes! Yes! Yes!