Find yourself in need of some solo game time?

Then grab yourself a jackhammer, because you are about to be the next best sidekick in this cartoon game of Bingopocalypse. Okay, now the game is all part of a bigger world brought to us by YTV’s Sidekick. So you need to meet “Eric.” Eric was adopted as the sidekick to Maxum Man, the greatest superhero of all time…or not.

Just be forewarned right off the bat, you’re going to become addicted to the game once you start. So, Play Bingopocalypse, now.

Okay, so the entire premise of this crazy game is to help “Eric” save the hamsters from Man Maid vacuums who are attempting to suck them up. You have the option to jump, climb, fly, push, blowtorch and even use a jackhammer to save the hamsters.

I mean come on, nothing is more fun than being able to use a blowtorch or a jackhammer and then adding in the fact that you are using them to save mutated mini hamsters from crazy robot vacuums just makes it all the more crazy fun, right?

That’s really all you need to do. Now go help Eric already, he has had enough trouble being sidekick to a super hero who..well..disappeared. He needs all the help he can get.

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