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It’s true, there have been a few posts recently on my site about cell phones and cell phone plans. And the fact is that I am not a Real NET10 customer, but it’s quite possible that I may be in the near future.

My contract with my current provider is up, has been for awhile and I don’t want to have to sign my money away to them with all their insane fees and restrictions for another two years. I also want to be able to get a new phone that won’t constantly remind me of the added charges I’m incurring while roaming or what have you. Even though it’s not roaming anymore, it’s going 3G when the wireless disappears.

Anyway. I digress. I saw this Cute NET10 commercial and it reminded me what I read about NET10 which prompted me to do more research.

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So look, this is the thing, you can get a Samsung or Motorola but you have to forego other brands. This also means you don’t have to end up restricting yourself to plans which inevitable cost you thousands of dollars in activation and contract fees. It’s all up to what is most important to you. You can still get a phone with camera, video, messaging and fancy ring tones, it will will have web access but the only way to make a bird angry is to throw some stale bread at it. Haha.

Need more reasons, listen to customers who made the switch, hear what What Rob has to say, he has 10 Good Reasons. There’s no catch, it’s a cut and dry decision that you have to make and I’m walking a tight rope here. I keep thinking about my current phone which I have loved for years, but when I calculate how much I have spent, do I really need a gadget with all the “apps” when it weighs me down with extra bills.

No. I’d rather save that money for Mexico.

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This post brought to you by Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.