I let Mozilla Webify Me! And they hardly even know me…

Clearly. Because the poster collage created from the 20 question Webify quiz I took ended up giving me a big Glamour Girl magazine image, LMAO. Me! It’s a neat quiz, definitely far more thought out than other online quizzes I have taken in the past. If you have some time in your day to take it and see how Mozilla Webifies you then you should and then share the link in the comments because I would love to see what we have in common; or not.

How did Mozilla come up with this collage idea? I’m not going to claim I know exactly. But the word “webify” is defined as such:

To Webify is to convert some information content from its original format into a format capable of being displayed on the World Wide Web.

And there you have it. Webify Me is taking a 20 question quiz and turning little personality points into graphic icons like glamour girl magazines or… drum roll..

Sock puppets!

I also received the awesome sock monkey puppet which I am proud to sport on the Webify Me Collage. Everything is definitely far cooler when a monkey is involved. Just as Finnegan. (My two-year-old monkey man). You all wish you were a crafty monkey and you know it!

As it turns out, I’m at “real work” right now writing about this and the IT guys need to get on my computer to help me with something. I have informed them that I needed one more minute to write about a sock puppet and then the desktop would be all theirs.

Did you know Urban Dictionary says “sock puppet” is “An account made on an internet message board, by a person who already has an account, for the purpose of posting more-or-less anonymously”?

Oooooo! Shame shame you sock puppets out there! Now we know!