Joy Ike…Tapping, clapping, stomping and singing about sweet acceptance

There’s something about the journey, that makes it sweeter, when you find me

It’s not to say that I really understand what is happening in Joy Ike’s latest music video because I don’t. While I was listening to the joyfulness of the keyboard in the music and then watching what appeared to be football players lining up on a field I was confused as to what could be happening. Until the football players began running towards a finish line in a very unfootball player like manner and I realized there wasn’t anything “jock like” or normal about the portrayal of this event or these players at all.

So I’m listening and I’m watching and these people are cheering and running and it’s all completely not making sense to me.

I stop. I push back the youtube video track follower and I start over. Perhaps I need to listen to the lyrics instead of the delightful sound of the music.

And then I start to get it.

The lyrics are describing a journey of acceptance. Part of the lyrics say, “the same kind of troubles always find you though you run away.” I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I use a phrase like that when I’m talking to my little brother or even to my husband. And it’s not so much that they are running away from anything as that they are not seeing what the universe is trying to teach them. The universe will have you running in circles or in slow motions, against a brick wall or through the same traffic light over and over again until you grasp the lesson it is begging you to understand. Yes.

Joy Ike’s song Sweeter is a sweet song in terms of what you here with the light smacking on the hand drum or the pattering of feet on the ground, humming and tapping on her keyboard, the clapping and her delightful soft spoken, beautiful voice. The lyrics to the song are sweet, because they carry truth and sincerity which has a universal, whole human race message and I find that refreshing. The song comes from her album Rumors which was released on May 12, 2010 (that happens to have been my Finnegan’s 1st birthday).

Grab a free download of Joy Ike’s “Sweeter” here.

Or better yet, purchase the entire album, Rumors, here.

Watch Joy Ike Live!

Aug 31 – Univ. of Pittsburgh – Greensburg, PA
Sep 1 – Bohemian Coffee House – Baltimore, MD
Sep 2 – Millersville University – Lancaster, PA
Sep 5 – Elizabethtown College – Elizabethtown, PA
Sep 7 – The Outer Space – Hamden, CT
Sep 8 – “Talk Philly” – CBS Philly
Sep 8 – Tin Angel – Philadelphia, PA
Sep 9 – The Corner Store – Washington, DC
Setp 10 – Juniata College – Huntingdon, PA


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