Minneapolis hip-hop at its finest; The Tribe & Big Cats

So, I’m sitting here right now and my feet are freezing, so I tucked them up under myself which inevitably won’t last long because I have the music on and music requires toe tapping movement. Especially when you have a band like The Tribe and Big Cats! playing. Don’t laugh, I’m not kidding, that’s their name.

Earlier this year, The Tribe & Big Cats! released their debut album, Forward Thinkers Movers Shakers. The album featured guest appearances from Planet Asia, Phil Da Agony, Toki Wright, Abstract Rude…and other people who you probably don’t know. It’s sad really how many great bands exist out there and people don’t know who they are. But that is why sites like Scrink can be online and actually get readers from time to time. :)

The Tribe & Big Cats operate on a simple philosophy: rap music can be fun without being stupid. It can be catchy without being formulaic. And when it’s done right, rap music will make you nod your head, whether because the MC is on point or because the beat is completely off the hook — or ideally, both. (And no I really can’t believe I used that phrase.)

The third installment of The Tribe & Big Cats’ Make Good project elevates the effort to a whole new level. “One Call Away” is perhaps the most impressive lyrically-driven track released by TBC to-date and showcases just how bright this collective’s future really is.

BJ The Chicago Kid and Greg Grease guest star in this truly thoughtful track that is carried by a strong stoic beat laced with lyrical threads like Big fish in a little pond with some Jordans on, which tie together to frame the struggle of bourgeoning self-awareness and growth in perhaps not the best of circumstances.