Grease Monkey I knew you wouldn’t let me down

I’m an advocate of the new Facebook changes, at least so far. Anything more drastic than these week 3 September changes and I might get cranky, too. But the one thing I have found annoying is the damn rotating ticker in the right column. When you have a lot of friends that things spins like the freaking Price Is Right wheel; no joke.

So I turned to the page to see if Grease Monkey would be able to help. Sure enough there is already a s script out there which hide the rotating ticker. I have installed and turned it on and now when I open Facebook in Firefox while I’m on the computer in the office I no longer see the annoying spinning wheel.

I also use their Unfriend script which allows me to see who has unfriended me. I will admit this sometimes makes me angry, because I’ll see people unfriend me and I’ll wonder why. But hey everyone has their reasons. I also see when people have their profiles deactivated and reactivated. So for those of you who are far too nosy for their own good… uh… yeah, that script is cool. And if you know how to setup Grease Monkey and install these scripts they are interesting.

Not all of the user scripts work and some of them have mucked up my browser from time to time so be careful. There’s your warning. Cheerio!