From Philly bars to European cafes, you’ll hear Gina Sicilia

Not quite two weeks ago I received an email which told me, “Gina Sicilia has released her new album “Can’t Control Myself”. Oh, ok, good for her, now who is Gina Sicilia? I love her name, by the way.

Turns out she is an up-and-coming blues artist which got me kind of excited, because I don’t often hear about blues artists and especially not female blues artists. After releasing her debut in 2007, called her, “the best blues singer on the music scene today.”

Gina Sicilia was recently one of a handful of artists handpicked to perform at the B-Town Blues Fest at the Cal State Bakersfield Amphitheater held on September 17, 2011.

Something I find fascinating about her background is that she graduated from Temple with a degree in Journalism. Growing up in Philadelphia, nearby me, she built quite a local fan base before becoming an internationally known blues phenomenon. It was during her sophomore year in college that she began attending the weekly blues jams at Warmdaddy’s in Philadelphia.

Decide for yourself what you think of this sultry Italian songstress, we have, “Addicted,” the first track off her new album for you to download and listen to below. It definitely has me wanting to dim the lights and slip into something a little bit more… well, we’ll leave that to the imagination.


Gina Sicilia – “Addicted” (mp3)


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