Travelpro Luggage could come in pretty handy next time we travel

My husband and I recently went to Mexico for a belated honeymoon. We didn’t have matching luggage, we didn’t have sturdy luggage, we just had random bags which we packed and hoped would withstand the trip. Let me explain why I’ll be participating in the TravelPro sweepstakes in hopes of scoring two Rollaboard bags and perhaps even 500,000 miles from the Delta SkyMiles program.

On our way back as we left Mexico and the security went through our luggage, I realized it would be nice to have bags which I didn’t have to cram things into. It would also be nice to have a set for ourselves which we could be able to point out more easily on the carousel.

Win 500,000 Delta SkyMiles® with Travelpro® Travelpro® luggage is built tough to go the distance so even when it changes planes and gets thrown from tarmac to tarmac you know your belongings will be okay. Plus, the luggage looks nice, style matters to some of us, myself included so this means something.

Have I piqued your interest?

Win 500,000 Delta SkyMiles® with Travelpro®

There is no harm in entering a sweepstakes, right? Go ahead, give it a whirl. I’m not going to miss out on the chance at SkyMiles and/or rugged, durable Rollaboard Travelpro bags. You should also know Travelpro cares about their products and their customers.  All of their items have a limited lifetime warranty. and TravelPro will repair a bag if there’s a manufacturing defect.

Enjoy your travels and make sure to plan many more trips!

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