Mama Llama Holiday Drama? For the GreaterGood!

If you are a parent you are definitely feeling the fun of Christmas by now, right?

This weekend we took our kids to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. We waited in line for an hour to ride on a horse and carriage ride which went around a loop in a parking lot; our youngest insisted and did indeed love the experience. We fit karate in between the Claus visit and a family visit with our Aunt and Uncle to see cousins who live out of town and sing Christmas carols. Somehow on top of all that fun we also managed to stop down Red Lion Road where the “Santa House” is lit with thousands of lights. Everything you just read took place on Saturday, I haven’t gotten to Sunday yet. :)

Sunday we had our first endeavor at baking our own gingerbread cookies. Oh boy was that fun. This mama is thinking she won’t be baking gingerbread cookies ever again. Gingersnaps no problems, but gingerbread cookies…no thank you. The cookie dough only likes to work when it is cold; not too cold, but definitely not warm. Try handling dough with two children when it is temperamental. Haha, but they turned out good and the kids had fun while their patience lasted. Mama then baked the remaining dough for the next couple hours.

Anyway, I’m always looking for different things to get people for Christmas. There are several websites I frequent at the holidays as I do all of my shopping online, but one online shop in particular I thought I’d try and push people to because I think it is so important to help others remember the “reason for the season” so to speak.

There is a group of stores connected that help a variety of places, causes and charities. The site is called the GreaterGood Network and you can find amazing gifts for EVERYONE on your list there. I shop here year round, because it not only means a lot to me, but it means a lot to my friends and family when I tell them their gift helped children or helped people in Haiti or whatever cause I choose.

So when you head to their site and choose a topic you can always get back to the other “causes” as they are horizontal across the top. You will see: Hunger, Breast Cancer, Animals, Veterans, Autism, Child Health, Literacy and Rainforest to name a few.

The Child Health site for instance, helps provides simple, effective, feel-good ways to address an urgent, specific humanitarian need: saving children’s lives and improving the quality of their health. Every purchase you make from that area can do something as simple as to distribute vitamin A to a child who does not get the nutrients they need. Vitamin A supplementation helps to prevent as many as 400,000 cases of childhood blindness each year.

The purchase I just made helped:

  • Helped feed 4.5 children
  • Fund 7.0 % of a mammogram

Check it out. I am positive that you will find gifts you love and you will be able to help causes that mean a lot to you.