Cyber Security Important for the Holidays and Every Day

New Message-494I wish I could say it is my IT experience which has helped me to become familiar with different internet security programs, but the truth is I have learned more from helping my parents with their computers than with the folks at work.

There are certain programs, like Norton Small Business by Symantec typically pre-installed with computers and they normally are only trials, so it is important for users who are not very tech savvy to understand they will need to upgrade or install a new internet security software if they intend on using the web often. Especially if they are click happy people. :)

The best thing you can do when you get a computer is protect it right? I mean you have your personal stuff on there; your life. Then you go reaching out and exploring on the internet and you want to be safe, right?

Look into your options. Be aware. If you are a small business owner, like my Mom, or just a regular person like me, then look into the products Norton has to offer, like Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security 2012 both of which hit shelves in September. Right now you can get 30% off Norton Small Business Products nowNorton 360 from Symantec is the all-in-one security service that protects you, your PC, and your data from today’s Internet threats. Easy enough right? So tell me, in the comments section, which Norton product will you be trying out?

Start the new year off right and make sure your computer is protected.

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