Your Next Ice Breaker; The Parker Ingenuity Pen

This post brought to you by Parker Pens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Okay, I’m going to be honest, I’m a bit of a pen junky. And I’ve passed this trait onto my oldest son (he’s eight years old). When he plays cards with his step dad… they play for pens. I’m not kidding, you can’t make this stuff up.

I’m a designer, my co-worker is a photographer and she shares the same pen junky sickness. In fact, the other day at lunch she insisted I sign the receipt with a new pen she found just so I could see how smoothly it wrote. We are an interesting group of people to say the very least.

So while I talk to you about the Parker Ingenuity collection you just need to try and understand I’m coming from a pen passion here, ok? And I have to believe there are more like me out there, seriously, I bet many of you secretly hope for fancy pens in your stockings don’t you? You can tell me, there is absolutely no shame in liking and collecting pens. :)

Let’s talk about the Parker Pens. Drool. These pens are amazing. They are beautiful. They make writing an art form. Seriously. They have the amazing design and beauty of a fountain pen but they still have the smoothness and ease of a ball point. It is what they call the 5th Technology in refills. I encourage you to check out Parker on Facebook so you can look at them a little bit more closely.

Photos of Parker PenTell me you wouldn’t love to walk into an interview with one of these pens in your agenda or briefcase as you sit down with your portfolio or resume in front of you? I can tell you the pen would definitely help you stand out if I were interviewing you. Haha. If anything I can almost guarantee the Parker Pen would become a talking point or even be an ice breaker.

And then, share my addiction and tell me why you would want to win or own a pen from the Parker Ingenuity Collection if you could?

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