Clipix gets the creative juju organized

It appears I’m not the only one feeling scatterbrained these days, because there have been more and more pieces of software and web applications appearing out there which help to organize ideas, thoughts and interests.

The latest one to crop up showing great potential is clipix.

So what you do is instead of physically clipping out magazine articles you just clip pieces of a web article and add it to a clipboard online that you customize. Everything stays on your clip panels and you can add categories to the panels at anytime.

This might seem familiar to other things you have heard about online but clipix allows you to keep items private if you want which is a new feature. Just set privacy on a board or on your entire account it is up to you and I think that is definitely an awesome feature especially if you are planning a party or a wedding and you’d rather not share all your creative ideas until after the fact.

You can rearrange and working online or on your phone. You can clip links, videos, pages you can’t get to reading yet and so in that respect you can use one clipboard to maintain an archive of bookmarks that you want to get back to and read when you have more time.

It’s a completely versatile way of getting your creative juju organized amongst other things. And if you think your friend would get used out of one of your clipboards just click the little person icon and share the whole board with them.

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